How many years of teaching experience does Hemtor’s professor possess?
Hemtor is formed by teacher’s who have a wide range of teaching experience, some having 20 years of experience. Our teachers bring in their ways of teaching when they come on board. The pool of experience combined provides knowledge to students which help them to build stronger concepts and gives them exposure to all kinds of questions. Every recruit undergoes a series of training regime before they even start taking classes. They are thoroughly trained on various aspects, like voice modulation, subject matter expertise, etc. This training provides an added edge over other institute’s professionals and clearly helps them in classrooms.
What are the criterions to select any faculty at Hemtor?
Our chief mentor is an alumnus of IIT Madras and he is also part of the selection process, along with other fellow teachers. The faculties are selected through an exhaustive selection process. The candidates are put to undergo a training where their teaching skills are polished after the selection process.
How many teachers are assigned for respective subjects and batches throughout the course?
Each subject has a dedicated faculty who takes care of the tutorials, doubt clearing classes, and lectures. They give utmost importance to concepts and parallelly helps students with various tricks to solve the questions. Moreover, each batch has an assigned Faculty in charge, who takes care of all student’s need.
Do you conduct Parent teacher’s meetings?
Parent teacher’s meeting serves as an essential feature to commence an open discussion about their child’s capabilities and shortcomings. Also, in such meetings parents get to know the different nuances, they need to take care to keep their child motivated and focused. It also helps them to understand their child and assist them in achieving their goals.
What teaching methodology is used by your teachers?
Our teachers conduct short sessions every day, to revise one previous lecture. There are tutorials and doubt clearing classes for each subject to equip students with the right tips and tricks to crack the code of success. We aim to provide quality education to students and fulfill their dream.
What is the maximum size of regular classes in Hemtor?
“Small classrooms yield better ranks.”

In Hemtor, we believe in classrooms with minimum students. We focus on creating an interactive and knowledge exchange session so that, every day they learn something different. Interactive learning is essential than rote learning. Also, when there are only a few students, it imbibes a sense of comfort and responsibility among students.

Do you take attendance in classes?
Yes. As our classrooms consist of a few students, we keep a regular check on their attendance. It is mandatory for all students to attend all the classes barring any illness or prior notice. However, there is a provision that if someone misses some class, he or she can participate in extra classes. Careless attitude towards classroom and test attendance can lead also to termination of admission of the student.
Are there any study material and test papers???
Yes, our study materials and assignments are meticulously prepared by our teachers. These study materials have a series of test papers, questions, filled with important notes, tips to solve it faster and better.
What is the role of a child, parents, and Institute for success in JEE Advanced?
The child, parents, and institutes play an integral role towards the success in JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced requires dedication and diligence to get the best results. So, for the child to succeed, the parents and the teachers have to work together and help him/her to remain motivated and focused throughout the period of 2 years.
Do you provide Hostel facility?
No, not yet. However, we are in talks and are trying to set up a Hostel facility with bare minimum charge.
Why should we choose Hemtor for JEE??

Hemtor is a unique classroom solution for the best results in JEE Advanced:

  • A foolproof system to overcome challenges

We specialize in understanding your child’s ability and grooming them to achieve their goals.

  • Teaching methodology

We provide holistic classroom teaching with well-documented lectures and meticulous study materials.

  • Mentors

We recruit the best mentors who are JEE experts in their subject matter and have a vast experience regarding teaching.

  • Study material

Our experts painstakingly prepare Hemtor’s study material. It covers the latest syllabus along with tips and tricks to solve problems and keeping a check on the clock.

  • Assignments and tutorials

Our assignments concentrate on bringing out the basics of the concept and pushing your child towards practice, focusing on time management and limiting the errors.

  • Weekly examinations

Weekly examinations ensure the student to understand their basics correctly and give them a first-hand experience of the real test environment.

How frequently does Hemtor conduct admission tests??
Hemtor admission tests start from April first week and go on till the end of the month. One can register and give the exam immediately on the respective dates.
What are the subjects that need to be prepared for the Admission test??
For a student seeking admission to intermediate or long-term courses, the test will be conducted on IQ, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
Are there any scholarship available during admissions?
Hemtor also provides the scholarship to the first five students based on the Admission test.