Why is revision important?

Created on: May 25, 2018

With a demanding competition ahead, the students are under constant pressure to outperform each other. A mark more than the cut-off would take a student closer to their dreams. But, to achieve it, one needs dedication and consistent hard work. Other than this two, revision is imperative for exams and ensures better performance. Revising the topic thoroughly, enhances preparation, thereby compiling the students to achieve a higher rank.

But, hang on. Read further and get some super revision tips for a better approach to beat the competitive exams.

Diligently solve previous year’s question paper:

Last year’s question paper will provide you with insights on the type of questions along with the recurring topics. It also prepares you to solve within the time limit and assess yourself better.

You are your best judge:

After solving the previous year’s question, you can precisely assess yourself, and analyze to find out your weak points. Revise those topics again so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes on the main exam day.

Aim high and motivate yourself:

Set high cut-off marks, and when you achieve that, reward yourself with a tub of ice-cream, chocolates, or anything that you like. It will act as a motivation to perform better.

Revise a single subject at a time:
Focus on one subject and revise it thoroughly to grasp the concepts. Switching between subjects wouldn’t let you have a clear vision of all the topics.

Study when active:
Force study is of no use, as it takes away all attention and interests. Study when your body is most alert. Choose your time accordingly and meticulously follow that.

Highlight significant points on a topic:
While studying, highlight major point; use color pens, sticky notes so that it helps you to memorize the concepts easily while revising.

Fix the number of test papers for every day:
Practice at least of two test papers of JEE every day to improve your problem-solving speed and analyze your skills better.

Implement these tips today in your revision strategy and climb the ladder of success.