Last-minute preparations before JEE Main

Created on: June 15, 2018

Hemtor JEE Advanced

JEE Main exam is the gateway for admission in the country’s top engineering and technical institutes, and the final countdown has already begun. The pressure is immense and sure to impact students considering the humongous exam JEE Main.

As we enter the last few days, it’s imperative to keep a check on the stress level and stay motivated to do well in the exam. The truth is that your preparation and attitude all these years including the last few days will determine how you perform. But then, as you inch closer to the D-day, you also need to keep few things in mind. Here are the last-minute tips to prepare well and be the next star:

Eat healthily

Keeping a good eating cycle would boost your health and keep you away from diseases. Eat more fruits and vegetables to revitalize your strength.

Confidence is the key

Stay calm and composed as the red-letter day approaches. Don’t let panic and stress get to you. Just be focused on doing well in the exam and then there is no stopping after that.  Exercise, eat well to keep calm and confident.

Go through formulae, theorems, and reactions

Write down the critical formulae, theorems, and reactions to quickly glance through which will help you to remember better. You can come up with your way to memorize like sticky notes, etc.

Concentrate on the topics you know

Learning and trying to understand another new topic will hamper your preparation and focus. Revise the ones you already know, so that you don’t miss out on a single question from that topic. You don’t need another headache in the last minute!

Focus on revising

Revise the topics thoroughly and keep some days on hand to ensure you remember the subject well enough. Also, don’t start a new one as mentioned earlier.

Never let the doubts grow

Always clear your doubts before it troubles you and put you into a soup of problems. Ask your mentors, your professors, seniors to help you explain your problems. Clear it up as soon as possible and practice related questions so that you don’t forget the trick.

Sleep early and sleep well

Hemtor JEE Advanced

Go to bed before 11:00 PM especially on the day prior to the exam and wake up early. Adequate sleep of 8 hours is vital for proper functioning of the brain.

Always reach the exam hall early

Start from your home soon to reach the exam hall at least an hour before. After entering the center, you can compose yourself and boost yourself to do better.

Do you have some more tricks? Let us know.