Is “examinophobia” for real?

Created on: July 13, 2018

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As exam fever daunts, there are few students when just the sheer thought of exams gives them jitters! It is for real and called as “examinophobia.”  It’s a common phenomenon among students, especially when there’s an important examination around the corner. I was never good at maths, hence the day before the exam was always a nightmare for me. I had to muster up the courage to face the examination. It can turn into a disaster, when you are emotional, psychologically feeling the heat of an exam. But, hey if there’s a will, there’s always a way. You can curb those fears and make things right. There are ways you can eliminate these nightmares and confidently write an exam. Try to follow these few rules, and you can be the conqueror of the island named “exam.”

Eliminate the fear of failing:

Researchers believe that most part of examinophobia is caused by the fear of failing. Thoughts like “if I fail, my parents will kill me,” or “I am a failure” are just toxic for your confidence. Push these thoughts away and create a space for positive thinking. Believe in yourself before anything else and believe in your preparation. The fear of not scoring up to their desire or the pass mark always create a very high degree of concern among students. It keeps them entangled on the worry loop to the extent that it drains their ability to read or study. Eliminate such thoughts and prepare.

Get rid of the fear of inadequate preparation:

Inadequate preparation is one of the ultimate inbuilt fear in a students’ mind. But, there’s one thing, if you are attentive in classrooms and study regularly, then you can always put a full stop to this. If you are dedicated, persevere and know your subject well, that’s more than enough to come out with flying colors. The JEE examination itself requires a whole of attention and preparation. Hence, kick-start your training as soon as possible.

Bad orientation from seniors:

People always get influenced. Students like to hear from their seniors about the course or examination that they passed so that they can have a preview. The seniors mostly use this opportunity to intimidate them and as a result of this, create a sense of fear. Such an orientation makes the students anxious even before the exam comes and hence, they should be avoided. All this discussion won’t give you any insight on how to prepare for the exam, but will only make you more worried.

Eradicate pressure and expectations:

Pressure contributes to a whole lot more fear into a students’ mind when the examination is at the doorstep. The pressure could be from the parents, teachers, peers, or etc. Pressure always just don’t work. I understand a little pressure will coax them to do better, but only in an optimum amount. Expectations from in and around everybody adds on to be another problem. As a parent, one needs to be compassionate and motivate your children to do better. To know more about how you can help your children to do better in JEE examination, look here.

If you can take care of all this and prepare for JEE with sheer dedication and perseverance, you will scale new heights, and no one can restrain you from flying high.