How to manage stress with time

Created on: July 20, 2018

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With the intermediate exams knocking on the door, exam preparation is in full swing. Students are stressed and trying to do their best on the D-Day.

Hemtor wishes you all the very best for your upcoming examinations.

With the intermediate exams knocking on the door, exam preparation is in full swing. Students are stressed and trying to do their best on the D-Day. No one can deny the importance of Intermediate exams for the future ahead. These exam results not only would reflect your aptitude but also plays a significant role to fulfill your dream career. There is no sure shot formula to guarantee your success in Intermediate exams, but only perseverance, hard work, and dedication can help you achieve the best results. Here are a few points which will help you to reduce your stress for the exam and do well in the upcoming Intermediate exams.

hemtor jee advanced

  • Read, Analyze and Interpret the Questions

Never rush to answer the question. First read the problem carefully and analyze it to know what is being asked. Try to form the answer before penning it down on the Answer sheet.

  • Better presentation = Better marks

The key to a successful answer is to write to the point. Try to write brief responses and refrain from writing lengthy ones. Highlight the critical words or underline them to draw the attention of the examiner. Also, draw diagram wherever required.

  • Manage your time

Strategically manage your time right from the start, to not rush at the end of the exams. Read the question paper carefully and allocate time to answer them. Identify sections which are easier and attempt them first, then move on to the ones which are difficult.

  • Use simple language

Try to convey your message to the examiner through a simple language. It should be readily comprehensible by the examiner. Refrain from using colorful language. Do not use contractions or slang language. There should be fluency and coherence in your answers, and the examiner should feel connected with what you have written. In short, whatever you have written should make sense.

  • Adhere to the word limit

Pay close attention to the word limit prescribed for the questions and write accordingly. Keep your answers crisp, concise and adhere to the limit. Break down your short sentences to put your thought across to the examiner.

  • Revision is a must

Always, revise your answer sheets before handing it over to the invigilator. Meticulously look whether you have answered all the questions, labeled your diagrams appropriately, etc. A quick go through is essential for you to avoid any unforeseen errors. Leave 15 minutes of your total examination time to revise.

  • Approach invigilator for any assistance

The exam comes with immense pressure, and it is natural to be a little jittery. When in confusion, seek the help of the invigilator. Share your query and look forward to their assistance.

  • Believe in yourself

Last but not the least, stay calm and composed. Don’t panic. Indulge yourself in positive self-talk, stay focused and stay confident. Take deep breaths, loosen your body, drink water or take a break and calm yourself down.

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