How to conquer the MCQ battle?

Created on: May 18, 2018


IIT-JEE is knocking at the door along with the daunting task of answering MCQ questions. Competitive exams are a nerve-wracking experience burdened with topics, concepts and time.  Students fumble looking for options, and this lowers the rank. But then, what is it that you are missing?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways, we can conquer the MCQ battle:

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’

Diligently practicing problems from a particular concept in a relatively short span of time, would enhance your problem-solving skills. Also, it would polish your techniques and strengthen your knowledge for that topic.

Search for Keywords

Pay heed to important words in the question which will help you to answer the questions accurately. Also, try taking hints and understand the problem to enhance your capability in choosing the correct option.

Back your answers with concrete reasoning

As you proceed in scanning out the keywords and solve the question, it should be supported by specific rationale and logic. A reasoned approach will enhance your skills and chance of scoring high.

Keep a check on negative marks

As you are already aware of the negative scores, it is advised to keep a check on it and also to attempt questions that you can solve.

Formulate your answer

First meticulously read the question and then formulate the response in your mind. This would help you to work out on the problem and chose the right option for it.

Elimination method

When nothing else works, try eliminating options and locating the correct answer. This strategy will help you to narrow down responses and at the same time save precious time to pick the right answer.

Learn from your mistake

As you practice, you will come across various questions and may also falter sometimes to choose the correct answer. As you make mistakes, you learn, and it’s the perfect time to apply all your strength and consciously put effort to avoid such errors. Analyzing your past faults and refraining from committing the same mistake will help you beat the MCQ code.

Keep a positive attitude

As you look at the questions, you must be confident in your choices. Your answer should be supported only with logical and correct reasoning. Confidence is the key to defeat MCQ battle.

All the best for your IIT-JEE 2018!