How to choose the best IIT JEE academy?

Created on: June 29, 2018


 With cut-throat competition ahead and career at stake, an excellent IIT-JEE coaching academy is all you need to succeed!

IIT JEE needs perseverance, patience, and hard work along with proper guidance. Till sometime back tutorials or coaching institutes only addressed to slow learners. Now, in the competitive system,  it has become vital for every student to enroll in a coaching institute to score the best. The coaching institutes now provide a holistic overview of the syllabus with the required edge to crack the code of IIT JEE.

However, before you, as a parent or student indulge in any decision about a particular academy, you need to know what makes them the best?

As the best IIT JEE academy for you will help you to turn your dream into reality and

Here are things that one should look for in a classroom learning program:

Study Material:

Every coaching academy provides study material, but what marks the difference is the way concepts are explained. The study material offered should be in layman language but must be designed well. Also, it should have quality problems with tricks to enhance their time management. We at Hemtor, understand the very importance of study material and hence offer our students with the best study material curated by expert mentors.

Best Mentors = greater learning:

Mentors are the backbone of a student’s preparation for IIT-JEE. So, it is essential to choose an academy with trained and highly-qualified Faculty. The mentors should be exceptional to understand the

students and explain accordingly. We at Hemtor, have mentors who have 20+ years of experience in their respective subject and all hail from reputable institutions.

The approach of faculty members towards the syllabus and an examination is what drafts a student’s success.

Classroom scenes:

The classroom environment is a driving force to the learning process. Any coaching institute that you chose should have a healthy competitive atmosphere with a sense of positivity. Constant motivation from fellow students and mentors will help them perform better and achieve their goals.

At Hemtor we believe in small classroom strengths. Less number of students enunciates more one on one interaction with the mentors. So, as the interaction curve in the classroom increases so do the performance curve.

Tutorial sessions:

Doubt resolution sessions make for a critical part of the classroom learning program. Provided the competitive nature of the exam, doubts are bound to arise. Hence, the need for regular doubt clearing sessions is vital. We at Hemtor, understand the necessity for regular tutorials which offer students multiple opportunities to resolve their doubts and be at the same pace as others. So, if you are planning to pursue IIT JEE coaching in Hyderabad, we are the right choice.

Make the right choice as one right decision will make your career.