How is the JEE Main Rank calculated

Created on: June 22, 2018

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How is the JEE Main Rank calculated?

Now that the offline JEE (Main) already done, and the online Main is in a week, it is imperative to know the examination pattern as well as how the rank is calculated.  Don’t worry; we will explain the way positions are calculated.

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New amends

Admission through JEE Advanced and Main should have secured at least 75% marks in the 12th class examination or be in the top 20 percentile in the 12th class examination conducted by the respective Boards. For the SC/ST candidates, the qualifying marks would be 65% in the 12th class examination.

How is the JEE (Main) Rank List prepared?

JEE Main scores ultimately decide the JEE Main Rank List. The scores are arranged according to merit, and the rank is awarded on this basis only.

Which are the subjects considered for eligibility?

Five subjects in total add to the calculation of percentile and normalization of qualifying examination marks. These subjects are Language, Physics, Mathematics, any one of (Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, etc.)

Important: In case a candidate has appeared in six subjects, the one with better marks is preferred.

What happens in case of a tie while ranking?

In case of a tie, i.e., when two or more candidates obtain equal marks, the ranking is decided as per the following rules:

  • Candidate with higher marks in Mathematics in JEE (Main) – 2018 is awarded a better rank.
  • Next up, Candidate with higher marks in Physics in JEE (Main) – 2018 will have a better rank.
  • Candidate having a higher absolute value of the ratio of positive marks to negative marks will be given better rank.
  • If the resolution is still not possible after this set of criterion, then the candidates will be given the same rank

How is the final AIR determined?

The scores are arranged in Merit order and determine the All India JEE Main ranks of candidates!

Goodluck for your rank!

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