Handy tips to crack IIT JEE

Created on: September 28, 2018

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IIT JEE looks like a formidable task yet every year the number of applicants is increasing. It’s not easy to achieve though, and there’s loads of literature which attempts to guide you on ‘how to crack the tough nutshell called IIT JEE.’

JEE examination is a grueling course and students who dream to make it into the IIT, should be up for the challenges. There is no shortcut or smart advice to help you achieve and stand on the mantle. The examination demands hours of dedication and concentration.

For a start, one needs to have a solid foundation which is possible when you are part of classroom sessions in a reputed coaching center. Also, the subject knowledge needs to be tested, and Hemtor’s interactive learning sessions provide all that. Here at Hemtor, we take pride in our faculties, some of who are reputed and highly trained faculty with in-depth knowledge.

But to succeed in JEE, one needs to inculcate certain habits to withstand the pressure and achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at some of the practices which will help you to move forward.

Start early

It is always advised to be prepared when you are going to fight any battle. Starting your preparations beforehand gives you an early edge over others as it gets you more time to grasp the concepts.

Time management

It’s imperative to plan your days till the D-Day immaculately. If you are at Hemtor, our classroom sessions will surely teach how to manage your time. Allow yourself to soak all the information patiently. But just coming to the classes won’t help you till you start to apply it. You can even fine-tune and optimize your days.

Don’t procrastinate

Time and tide wait for none. Procrastination is the key to distraction and self-disciplining will help you. Set your goals and work towards it as there is no second choice but to be disciplined about it. Don’t get carried away by distractions around you; be it your phone, TV, etc.

Start smart reading

JEE examination comes with a plethora of books, and there is no end to it. It’s important not to get overwhelmed by this and consult your teaching faculty for the best step forward.

Don’t memorize

Blindly memorizing the syllabus won’t lead you anywhere. Instead, understand the concepts and keep asking doubts whenever you’re stuck. Doing this might take a bit longer, but that information is bound to stick with you.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to turning your dream into the reality of being in an IIT.