6 benefits of studying in an IIT

Created on: October 10, 2018

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Does it ring any bell?

Rancho is the very character that inspired students to run behind excellence and not just success. It’s safe to say that you are an aspiring engineer when your nose is buried deep in H.C Verma, or tirelessly practicing previous year question papers. IIT-JEE Advanced is the gateway for the premier institution like IITs, IISc. JEE Advanced demands dedication, liters of sweat and a constant support system to land in these Hogwarts of engineering.

IIT’s offer a holistic curriculum, exposure, and an inspiring alumnus. Take the examples of Manohar Parikar, Binny Bansal, Varun Grover who were just not limited to being engineers and have ventured into following their passion. Needless to say, IITs have given India some of the great personalities and are full of endless possibilities. Let’s look at the range of benefits IITs offer:

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  1. Reap benefits from the IIT circuit

IIT is booming with talented people and full of opportunities. There are many resources at everyone’s disposal and even available for an outsider.

Attend Techfest

IIT’s are known for their tech fest. It’s a great place to meet like-minded people and map yourself on where you stand among the competition. There are tons of competition like hack-a-thons, workshops and participation is what matters after all.

Register for different courses

There’s an ample amount of courses, available ranging from Astrophysics, Digital systems or Biology; you can register for a nominal fee. These courses will give you loads of exposure and help you push the envelope.

  1. Learning beyond the classroom

Nowadays, learning something needs yearning. Classroom teaching is not the sole source for learning as there’s a world residing out on the internet. Something new on the block and you can always learn it through IIT’s very own NPTEL!

Use your engineering years, very wisely. These years will define your interests and shape the course of your life. A plethora of digital learning classes, internship opportunities and courses are designed to help you explore all your interests and find your mojo.

You can enroll in any course of any renowned professors from MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and so many more. Improve your learning quotient and stay at the top.

  1. Go for internships

Learn and apply! That’s the motto of engineering.

Utilizing all your knowledge is equally important as learning. So, this will only come to you once you start interning. Internships help you to gain exposure in the industry.  It is a great way to get some experience and also get an insight on how your future day to day job would look like.

  1. Financial help – scholarships

In reputed institutes like IITs, there is a nominal fee. The government provides scholarship programs for students who can’t afford. The hostel fees and the other facility fees are taken care of.

  1. Mentors and Alumni Support

IIT’s have an active alumnus who also acts as mentors for juniors. Ideas are encouraged, and students with exciting ideas, business model, products are looked after.  The alumni group support these ideas by funding and ensuring the growing success of startup culture.

  1. Placements

Placement and starting salaries are far better in IITs than any other institutes. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter are just among the notable MNCs that participate in placement drives and recruit students.

IIT will surely change your life in unimaginable ways! Be it music, sports, dramatics or writing, IIT believes in bringing out the real potential of students. IITs provide students much more than just academic learning. IITs have the power to change your life if you are willing to work hard in achieving your goals.

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