4 reasons that dropping a year for IIT JEE is not a bad choice

Created on: June 8, 2018

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Both JEE Main and Advanced are crucial gateways for admission to any IIT’s or top engineering college. These entrance exams determine one’s career path and establish the way towards their goals. However, getting through both these exams is no cakewalk. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication, commitment and diligence to achieve it. So, when students fail to reap the desired results, they are left heartbroken and in a state of dilemma.

However, the question that bothers most of the students is whether to take a drop off a year or not for JEE exams?  The answer varies. It depends from person to person, mostly because of different capabilities, passion, expectations, career decisions. The choice entirely depends on you and your desire to achieve.

JEE is the gateway to the best engineering colleges:

If you are passionate towards following your career path, then it would be a right decision to take another year. The IITs are recognized and respected as one of the top institutions all around the globe. The exposure an IIT-ian get is no match to any other top institution. So, it would always be great to give it another try and take the risk. Ultimately, it boils down to you and your passion.

Statistic tells a better story:

hemtor jee advanced

In the year 2012, 60 percent of the students who appeared for the JEE exam, were repeaters, whereas only 38 percent of them was from the fresh batch. On an average, every year 30-45% of people selected in the JEE appear for the second time. These points out that your chance of getting into IIT is still plausible and it will always be better than the first attempt.

A year away from academic commitments:

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When you appear for the intermediate, there is always an added pressure. So, you shouldn’t give up if you have an unsatisfactory performance on the first attempt. You should commit yourself to your passion. As you decide on a taking a year drop, you will be bereft of any such commitments, and this would help you to concentrate better on the preparation. It’s the perfect way to focus on your goals and aim for success.

You are your best judge:

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After the first attempt, many students get disheartened. So, the best way to take a difficult decision like this should be based on your introspection and analysis.

You should be able to answer your questions:

Did you give your best?

If time permits, can you outshine your previous rank?

Also, if you realize that you did not give it your best, then another try is worth it.  A drop for the JEE preparation is another chance to step ahead towards a better future.

It is never going to be easy, and it was never meant to be comfortable.  When starting from scratch, it’s essential you avoid the common mistakes.

Give it another try – with all guns blazing!